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    Because your business is unique you need custom social media strategies!

    We can help you create the perfect plan
    and execute it for you if you don't have time or don't want to do it yourself!

    Our service is aimed at increasing on-site traffic, conversions and expanding online brand awareness.

    They are designed for two types of businesses:

    • Those who are just getting started with social media or simply don’t have the marketing team in place to handle social media.
    • Those who need an expert to help generate targeted leads,  promote their ebooks and, or coaching programs and information products, and generate a following and/or increase subscribers.

    SET-UP FEE: To get started there is a one-time consultation set up-fee starting at $150 depending on the volume of services you require. After that you can choose the monthly package that best fits your needs and your budget.

    Monthly Service Packages
    (Monthly packages are paid in advance.)

    There are no refunds because of the quantity of services we are providing at such reasonable prices. But you can stop at the end of any pay period.)


    30 minutes to 1 hour a day
    We partner with you

    You do the public facing actions-status updates we’ll clean up the back-end-inbox, approving friend requests, look at dm’s on twitter so you can get in and out and what you need keep it functional it’s a support role.


    checkmark 1 or two posts a day
    checkmark Answering Invitations to events and groups
    checkmark Evaluate which would be beneficial for you.
    checkmark Following people back.
    checkmark Direct messages to appropriate people


      1-1 1/2 hours per weekday 

      Includes everything in the Silver Package PLUS:  

      Our help on the public side.  It may include two more networks than Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In depending on what else we are doing for you.

      checkmark Audience building.
      checkmark Helping you get a targeted following
      checkmark Sharing your blog posts on the networks at different days and times so it's seen more than once.
      checkmark You will probably still be doing some of your own workat this level but we help grow your audience, share your content, and keep your profiles maintained.

      Starting at


       3 hrs per day
      With this package you'll get Personal Service

      Includes everything in the Gold Package PLUS:  

      checkmark We'll also maintain your blog, create pages, address comments
      checkmark We'll keep our finger on pulse of the latest and greatest tools and how it fits into YOUR  business
      checkmark Plus we'll do reputation management-checking to make sure no one is bad-mouthing you and putting out any fires where we find them.
      checkmark We'll do research if needed
      We'll put together content for you, blog posts, video, podcasts, and articles.
            Starting at



             Al A Carte:

            Strategy sessions and training:
            Learn how to manage your social-media sites and grow
            your Facebook network to half-a-million people or more
            and become a Linked In Superstar!
            60-minute Session: $197

            Ellen Violette
            Create A Splash LLC
            21781 Ventura Blvd. #302
            Woodland Hills, California

             818 970-6132